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Fran Volel-Stech

Fran Volel-Stech, President
UMUC Alumni Association

Dear Fellow UMUC Alumni,

Welcome! As we beginning a new term, I am excited about representing our UMUC Alumni. The UMUC value proposition is to provide working adults an opportunity to pursue an education no matter where they are or what their schedule. What amazing diversity! Managing diversity presents a special set of challenges. But it so happens that diversity also allows us to be more creative in visioning and developing solutions that keep us engaged and growing.

There are many success stories out there that we need to share. These stories, like the students and graduates who tell them, are some of our most compelling assets. Those alumni and their stories are an inspiration to current students, who hear from those who have gone through the gauntlet, came out triumphant, and continue to excel. As alumni, many of us can look back through our educational journey and identify important people or mentors who helped us make our educational goals a reality. Please contact us and tell us tips on how you finished your degree or how someone you know helped mentor you so that we can share your stories and inspire others. So whether you can volunteer as a mentor, contribute financially, speak as guest lecturer, or all of the above, you can make a difference. We will make a difference.

President Miyares recognizes the importance of alumni involvement and the need to expand it. A recent survey identified Career Services Benefits, webinars, and opportunities to network as areas that elicited the most interest form alumni. UMUC and the Alumni Association will investigate hosting seminars led by faculty throughout the country or virtually. We will also work to provide additional professional development activities.

All of this is a conversation. This fiscal year we will be once again looking at our strategic plan. We will need your input and support to help keep the momentum going. The UMUC Alumni Association in partnership with the University Alumni Relations Office are here to listen and put into action the wonderful ideas that help alumni stay in touch, help students and the community, foster an environment that promotes growth, and recognizes the successes of our alumni.

Business experts say the secret to successful strategic planning is, guess what, conversations. So let's go converse, strategically!

UMUC, President, UMUC Alumni Association